Brady Goodwin, Arksansas Legislative Research Employee Found Photographing Home of Young Girls!

A man was spotted stopping in front of a home that two young girls and their mothere live alone snapping photos and then speeding off. A neighbor followed this man and got his license plate number. Arkansas Custom License Plate Number FX878 returned to a Arkansas Board Of Legislative Research Member Brady Goodwin of White Hall. Working for the Board of Legislative Research we though maybe he had some interest in real estate. However being in a personally owned vehicle, and then speeding off after taking the photos, this nulled that theory.

Mr. Goodwin was contacted by the childrens father asking him why he was taking photographs of their home and Mr. Goodwin denied the allogations and informed the father to not contact him again.

The father stated that he had given Mr. Goodwin a week to contact him back to possible validate his reasoning for stopping and photographing the home his two daughters live in. Once he played stupid, any thoughts that he over here may have had that the reasoning for photographing the home was gone.

Is Mr. Brady Goodwin, 31 of Whitehall Arkansasa Legislative Research Employee a Sexual Predator? Is he a stalker? Does he plan to break in and steal from this family? We don't know, and Mr. Goodwin refuses to answer this question so we can't say we blame the father for doubling the surveilance cameras and watching more info for Mr. Goodwin to return.

What kind of people does our Brady Goodwin Government hire to work for them?
We are still unsure of Mr. Brady Goodwins reasoning for looking like a sexual predator but if you see him, we would say keep a close eye on him. He could very well be another government official who is really a criminal, or worse a sexual predator!

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